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For over 30 years, Rights & Security International has held governments to account for discrimination and other human rights harms committed in the name of national security.  
We work to get racism and other bias out of national security policies -- and bring in human rights and accountability.  
  • We work directly with communities to establish the facts and make human rights an effective practical tool for change.   
  • Our national and international influence help us have an impact on lawmakers, courts, the UN and the media, resulting in a better understanding of human rights and more rights-respecting laws. 
  • We challenge religious, racial, gender and other bias in national security policing, promote justice and transparency, and amplify the voices of affected communities. 
  • Our fearless, expert work ensure that movements for justice and equality can flourish without being wrongly silenced.  
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October 13, 2021
Counter-Terrorism Repatriation Gender Human Rights Act International Humanitarian Law Right to Life Citizenship

Abandoned to Torture: Dehumanising rights violations against children and women in northeast Syria

December 16, 2021
Pat Finucane Impunity Northern Ireland Article 2 Right to Life Accountability and Access to Justice

Briefing: Research Shows UK Government Is Wrong about ‘Vexatious Claims’ from Northern Ireland Conflict

December 10, 2021
Featured Article RISE Coalition Closing of civic space International Security and Rule of Law Marginalised and vulnerable groups Accountability and Access to Justice

Call for Proposals: Rise Coalition Brazil Research Grant

November 08, 2021
Counter-Terrorism Repatriation Gender Citizenship International Security and Rule of Law Marginalised and vulnerable groups Accountability and Access to Justice

RSI submits expert evidence to All-Party Parliamentary Group inquiry into trafficked Britons in Syria

Focus Areas

Across the world, national security measures are increasingly being used to silence dissent, target vulnerable and marginalised communities, and close civic and democratic space. In parallel, the obstacles for victims to access justice have significantly increased as Governments hide behind the well-worn cloak of national security and at the same time are systematically dismantling the hard-fought for protections in the form of laws (international, regional and domestic), institutions (including judicial institutions) and safeguards (including Parliamentary oversight of executive action). To address these trends, and advocate for rights-based approach to national security policies, Rights and Security International works on the following focus areas.

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Rise Coalition

Find out more about our exciting flagship initiative. 

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Explore how Rights and Security International has been successfully advocating for a rights-based approach to national security, and holding Governments to account for unlawful actions taken in the name of national security for over three decades.

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