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"I have worked in various civil society coalitions confronting problematic proposed UK legislation with [RSI]...  In all instances, RSI has played a vital role in the coalitions, providing unique law and policy expertise on national security issues to complement targeted advocacy efforts. RSI colleagues are a pleasure to work with and their expertise is of immense value to organisations such as ourselves and to efforts to hold the UK government accountable." - Freedom from Torture

"RSI has been a vital partner organisation in the Save our Human Rights Act coalition ... We are grateful to RSI colleagues for lending their capacity and voice, from hosting a drop-in session on military justice and extraterritoriality to participating in our coalition meetings." - Liberty

Our vision

We envision a world in which everyone's human rights are fully respected, including when governments carry out national security activities. We believe all communities are stronger, and all people are safer, when governments uphold everyone's rights and freedoms.

We stand for rights and accountability, and against bias


We work collaboratively to document human rights violations committed in the name of national security; create innovative, evidence-based new policy ideas and legal arguments; and use human rights law as a practical tool for change -- while supporting others who want to do the same. We work directly with communities to establish the facts and make human rights an effective practical tool for change.  

Our principled, expert work ensures that the safeguards of international human rights law remain in place for everyone, and helps stop governments from sliding into secrecy, impunity and oppression. Our work ensures that movements for justice and equality can flourish without being wrongly silenced.  

Our national and international influence help us have an impact on lawmakers, courts, the UN and the media, resulting in a better understanding of human rights and more rights-respecting laws

We challenge religious, racial, gender and other bias in national security policing, promote justice and transparency, and amplify the voices of affected communities. 

Our Goals


Build and support inclusive movements for stronger human rights protections where national security laws and activities are concerned 


Strengthen governments' respect for the international human rights laws and norms that apply to their security programmes


Uphold safeguards that protect against human rights violations committed in the name of national security, such as independent investigations and oversight bodies 


Ensure that wrongdoing results in accountability and justice

our people

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Explore how Rights and Security International has been successfully advocating for a rights-based approach to national security, and holding Governments to account for unlawful actions taken in the name of national security for over three decades.

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