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Collective Action

All of our work at Rights and Security International is underpinned by collective action. We firmly believe that we must act collectively, as part of a broader movement for change, to challenge abuses committed in the name of security, end impunity for these abuses and, importantly, to push for a rights-based approach to national security. Replicating the strategy adopted by States who are highly coordinated on matters of national security, we work with local ​and international CSO partners to facilitate a coordinated and more effective civil society response to the proliferation of harmful security measures that emanate from the international, regional and domestic levels.

To ​this end, Rights and Security International is in the process of developing a flagship collective initiative, the Rise Initiative. This initiative is formed by a collective of local, regional, and international civil society organisations impacted by and addressing abuses carried out in the name of national security.  The name Rise is derived from Rights and Security and symbolises ​victims, and those advocating on their behalf, rising up and working together to promote a rights-based approach to national security and challenging abuses.