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Tufyal Choudhury

Tufyal Choudhury

Principal Legal and Policy Advisor - Consultant

Tufyal Choudhury is Principal Senior Legal and Policy Advisor at Rights and Security International and a Senior Associate of the Canadian Terrorism, Security and Society Research Network.

Tufyal is an Associate Professor in Law at Durham University (UK) where he teaches constitutional law and counterterrorism law and policy.  His research covers issues of counterterrorism, radicalisation, racial and religious discrimination, and integration. He has over 30 publications in this field, including most recently, What the Prevent Duty Means for Schools and College in England: An analysis of educationalists’ experiences, “Campaigning on Campus: Student Islamic Societies and Counterterrorism” (2017) Studies in Conflict & Terrorism and “The Radicalization of Citizenship Deprivation” (2017) Critical Social Policy. He is also a trustee at the Democratic Audit UK and was a member of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office External Review Panel.  

He is a graduate of the Universities of London (School of Oriental and African Studies, 1996) and Cambridge (Hughes Hall, 1998) and was called to the Bar as a member of Inner Temple (1997). He was a research associate at the Cambridge University Centre for Public Law (1998-2000) and the Oxford Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (2006-08).