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Asher Miller

Asher Miller

Migration, Citizenship and Belonging Intern

Asher is RSI's Migration, Citizenship and Belonging Intern. Asher holds an MA in Law, and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Bristol. In his master's, Asher was particularly interested in the intersection of securitization and 'othering': using postcolonial theory as a lens through which to examine international refugee law.

Alongside his studies, he drafted a research project on citizenship deprivation for the Institute of Statelessness and Inclusion and the University of Bristol. He volunteered for Amnesty International Society, and co-founded an inter-university reading group for students to discuss the works of theorists such as Stuart Hall and Paul Gilroy.

Asher currently volunteers at Care4Calais, as a legal access caseworker, where he helps asylum seekers navigate the UK's immigration system; offering them support and helping them to find legal representation.